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2004 Western Regional Competition

Written by Ted Hartman & Ann Thomas

The 2004 Western KG Regionals were hosted by Salem Schutzhund Club in Fontana , California on the weekend of October 22-24. The event was judged by Ann Dolan, with helpers: Brett Titus and Robert McClelland . After a week of intense rain and flooding, the weather cleared up just in time for the regionals, giving us perfect trial conditions. With a good judge as well as great helpers and participants the weekend was off to a great start.

Out of the thirty plus expected VPG entries only fifteen participated due to dog/handler's (health, heat, training, transportation, personal, financial, etc.) problems. As an example, Leo and Mildred Muller set off for California in their new to them motor home. Around Redding California , the motor home started giving them problems so they went to a garage to get it repaired. It was going to take too long to get the part to repair the motor home, so Leo and Mildred turned around and headed home. They were going to trial their dogs, so they of course, were disappointed. I heard they were going about 30 miles per hour and barely able to climb the mountains. They did arrive home safe and sound. Ray Reid could not come to the Regionals due to construction delays on his new home being built. He had to get the house competed before his annual move to Las Vegas , Nevada .

Our WKG meeting and banquet were outstanding; it was truly great to see the sportsmanship shared by all. The banquet was quite a feast. Yes, a feast! They brought out what we thought were the entrees, but they were the appetizers. We had all gotten full and when the real entrees came out we could not imagine where we were going to put this food. The food was Asian and some of the dishes were strange but tasty. I believe there were at least 12 to 15 courses of food served. The food and the restaurant were fabulous.

Gary Patterson awarded John Hellman the VDH 5 year Silver Honor Pin for his service to DVG, the Western Region, and as President of the Western Region for the last seven (7) years. Gary reported that the Region was in the red by about $300 when John became President. Today we have a healthy treasury due to the leadership of John and the Western Region Executive Board. John Hellman presented Schutzhund III pins to Britt Reed, Kern County T.O.P. Dog Club ( Ann Thomas accepted Britt's pin, and reported Britt's dog Bingo had died in May), and Chris Lib, Salem Schutzhund Club.

Ted Hartman presented training vests to Brett Titus, and Robert (Mac) McClelland for their helper work, to Ann Thomas for serving as Trial Chairperson, Ann Dolan for the great job she did as Judge, and last but not least, Claudine Cornelison for being the Trial Secretary without whose help it would not have gone so smooth.

Scott Rowen and his dog Atreju had V scores in tracking and protection; they did a nice job and will represent the Western Region at the 2005 LV/DVG America National Championship in Bakersfield , California as the Western Region Champions. Shelley Titus came in second place with Nero in her second trial since taking over as his handler. She did a nice job! Mary Joan Elliott showed all the youngsters how to handle with a 98V in tracking and 90 in protection. All the Schutzhund three competitors did an outstanding job.

Ann Marie Malburg and Zac came away with 92 tracking, 90 obedience, and 89 protection to take 1 st place in the VPG 2's, and John Hellman and Grasso took 2 nd place.

The crowd got a big kick out of the VPG 1 team of Danny Craig and Ann. Ann is miss personality plus, she nailed the tracking, she nailed the obedience, and in protection she put on a show by dominating the helper with her hold and bark. She would stand on her hind legs and put one front paw on the helper's leg and stare into his eyes as she performed the hold and bark. The crowd loved to watch her work. She took 1 st place for VPG 1's, and Shelley Cook and Ero took 2 nd place with Ero getting a 95 on his track. Well done by all.

Sunday morning we arrived at the tracking fields with Bart de Groot, tracklayer. It was quite foggy so we could not see Bart once he started out on the track. The amazing thing is Bart laid all of the Schutzhund III tracks and one of the Schutzhund II's. When Bart came out of the fog, sweat was running down his brow, and he was smiling. Six of the tracking scores were in the 90's, not too bad! The Regionals were winding down with the awards ceremony completed, and the competitors getting ready for the return trip home. In reflecting back, it was another successful event where everyone had a super weekend on and off the field! See you at the 2005 Nationals, and again at the 2005 Western Regionals!!

Dog Handler Score A B C total


Atreju - Scott Rowan 97V 90 97V 284

Nero - Shelley Titus 94 88 90 272

Loki - Jeff Uhrlaub 87 93 91 271

Feivel - Mary Joan Elliott 98V 70 91 259

Aron - Claudean Cornelison 85 81 90 256

Campino - Jeff Rentz 78 82 91 251

Bixenta - Chris Libs 65 88 71 224

Player - Leslie Bosserman - 88 - Injured

Nacash - Ted Hartman 10 66 - DQ

Amida - Linda Calamia - - - Pulled

Jabba - Ben Trosky - - - Pulled


Zac - Ann Marie Malburg 92 90 89 248

Grasso - John Hellman 76 85 75 236


Ann - Danny Craig 99V 96V 97V 292V

Ero - Shelley Cook 95 71 82 248


Congratulations to:

2004 WKG Champion "Scott Rowan & Atreju" (97V/90/97V=284)

High in Trial, High VPG-1, High Tracking/Obedience/Protection,

"Danny Craig & Ann" (99V/96V/97V=292V)

Special thanks to:

Judge: Ann Dolan

Helpers: Brett Titus and Robert McClelland

Tracklayer: Bart de Groot

Trial Chairperson & WKG VP: Ann Thomas

Trial Secretary: Claudean Cornelison

Western KG President: John Hellman

Coast & WKG IPO Club members.

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