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Requirements For Forming a DVG Club

1. Have a minimum of three (3) new full members (VM).

2. Former DVG members can be included as part of the minimum requirement.

3. A current DVG member can join any forming club. A DVG member currently holding membership in DVG who wishes to change clubs must be in good standing with his or her current DVG club. To be listed as a member in mid-year of a forming club, DVG dues must be repaid (making them a dual member in new club). (This can be avoided by waiting to transfer membership until the next year's dues are due.)

4. At renewal time if a current DVG member transfers membership, two forms must be completed -- an Abmeldung (cancellation notice) must be completed by the club which the member is leaving and an Anmeldung (membership application) must be completed by the new club the member is joining.

5. Newly forming clubs must submit a copy of the club's By-Laws in duplicate along with the application package. By-laws are subject to KG, LV and DVG approval.

6. The following forms must be completed and sent as part of the forming club application package. All forms must be typed.

7. Application for club to become a member of the Western KG (Region) Application for the club to become a member of LV/DVG America DVG membership list (club roster) Anmeldung (membership application) for each member.

8. Dues payment to the region is to be made by either a check or money order only and made payable to Western Region Schutzhund Verband.

9. Membership classifications are as follows:

Full Member (VM) - Pays and receives the American magazine (DVG).

Full Member (VM) - Receives no magazine.

Spouse (EP) -- Must have the same surname as the VM member. Is not charged for magazine, but magazines come labeled with both names.

Junior Member (JM) -- For members under 18 years of age. A JM member is charged for the American magazine if it is an individual membership and there is no other current adult DVG family member.

•  Club/Individual memberships are always calculated to the nearest quarter in which the club or individual joins.

The quarterly dates are:

1st Quarter January 1 - March 31
2nd Quarter April 1 - June 30
3rd Quarter July 1 - September 30
4th Quarter October 1 - December 31

When a new membership application (Anmeldung) is sent in to Germany, a $30 assessment fee has to be paid in addition to the regular DVG dues. (If you are changing clubs, you also have to pay the additional assessment.) This fee is not prorated.

Same Household
VM 2nd Adult 
No Magazine 
JM Junior
Member w/mag   

Has adult mem
JM No Mag


January 1






April 1






July 1






October 1












Effective 1/1/2006 all clubs must pay a $20.00 annual club fee. Please include the club fee with membership payments.

• Completed club application packages are to be sent to:

Jamie Lloyd
WKG Membership/Treasurer
PO Box 218
Veneta, OR 97487
Phone 1.541.344.3081
If you have questions about your package, you can call Jamie.


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